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Showrunner // Content Producer // Project Manager // Development Executive 

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a bit about me:

I am a television producer/project manager with extensive experience on both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry.  Throughout my career I have produced just about every type of project – single-camera half-hour comedy series, music/variety projects, four-camera sitcoms, reality series, feature films, hidden camera shows, unscripted docu-dramas, reality game shows and studio game shows.


As a producer I handle everything from pre-production and production all the way through post-production including budgeting, scheduling, hiring and managing staff, as well as, overseeing all aspects of the creative vision for the project through the edit process and final delivery– in short I have experience handling every aspect of what's needed to deliver a project ready for air.

No matter the project, for me it comes down to this - delivering compelling, visually stunning content that tells a unique story and entertains. 

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