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It's a family affair at the Kohler Family Farm nestled in the quaint community of Midway, Utah.  Located on a sprawling, picturesque 150 acre property with over 200 cows and their own dairy shop open to the public, family patriarch Grant is a 3rd generation farmer and lives and works alongside his wife Caralee, son Russel and daughters Whitney, Amber, Heather and Alyssa.  Add the husbands and wives of the Kohler kids plus Grant and Caralee’s 8 grandchildren to the mix and you can quickly see that there is never a dull moment on the farm!


The Kohler family doesn’t just work on the farm they all live on the farm as well.  They each have their own house on the property.  The Kohler’s are open about being guided by their Mormon faith and strive to be good shepherds of the land.


For nearly 100 years the Kohler family has been producing premium milk to the delight of their customers.  Several years ago Russel was working as a mechanical engineer and had no intention of coming back to the farm.  But after the birth of his children he had a change of heart.  However, with his return he wanted to push the evelope.  He wanted to make the dairy farm more competitive and make sure that they would survive into the future as the agriculuture business changes.

So, in 2011 the family invested millions and built a new creamery designed by resident farmers and mechanical engineers Russel and Grant.  Together they began using their farm’s milk to handcraft and age artisan cheese.


In just 5 short years they are firing on all cylinders and dreaming of more.  They have won both state and national awards for creating some of the best artisan cheese in the country.  They won the award for best pepper jack cheese in the country two years in a row!  Their cheese is also now available in Kroger grocery stores nationwide.  The family currently plans to invest upwards of $3 million dollars to the farm in the next two years to automate the cow milking process with state of the art robots.  They also plan to create an agri-tourism business with tours for the public.


The Kohlers are a sincere and outgoing family.  And, of course, like any other family they face family conflict, but the difference is this bunch doesnt' just see each other on holidays… they live together, work together and run their family business together!  They are in it together 100%!

The Kohler Family

Farm patriarcLead foot
Resident prankster
Football enthusiast

These are just some of the words used to describe our hard working, teddy bear of a dairyman. Born and raised on the farm, he grew up with the nickname Goober, short for Gerber, because he could barely reach the clutch and gas petal when he started driving, and he named many of the cows on the farm after girls he'd dated. He can fix anything, he can't say no and he always has a happy smile on his face. For the past 20 years, Grant'
Farm matriarch

City girl turned country

Answers to mom and grandma (mom of 5, grandma of 8)

A Bountiful Brave, Caralee met Grant at Utah State where he was assigned to be her home teacher. She never imagined she’d marry him and learn more than she’d like to know about cows, milk, cheese, tractors and changing sprinklers. She’s now proud to call Midway home and proud to cheer for the Wasatch Wasps. Caralee runs the books for the family business, walks every morning, hates to camp ("camping is
Whitney's been labeled the bossy sister by her siblings, who affectionately remember the many times Whitney told them what to do. They also recall her being deathly afraid of the dark, and making everyone else get the cows while she stayed inside because of that fear (and because she was dad's favorite).
When her parents couldn't find her after church, they could be sure she was somewhere playing with someone's babies. She's always loved them. Whitney played basketball and tennis in high school
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Heather - Russ's Wife
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