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Farm patriarch  //  Lead foot  //  Resident prankster  //  Football enthusiast


These are just some of the words used to describe the hard working, teddy bear of a dairyman. Born and raised on the farm, he grew up with the nickname Goober, short for Gerber, because he could barely reach the clutch and gas pedal when he started driving, and he named many of the cows on the farm after girls he'd dated. He can fix anything, he can't say no and he always has a happy smile on his face. For the past 20 years, Grant's been volunteering as an EMT for Wasatch County Search and Rescue and he loves the Heber Valley.




Farm matriarch  //  City girl turned country  //  Mom of 5  //  Grandma of 8


A Bountiful Brave, Caralee met Grant at Utah State where he was assigned to be her home teacher. She never imagined she’d marry him and learn more than she’d like to know about cows, milk, cheese, tractors and changing sprinklers. She’s now proud to call Midway home and proud to cheer for the Wasatch Wasps. Caralee runs the books for the family business, walks every morning, hates to camp ("camping is like staying in the motel 6 instead of a nice hotel"), and loves being around her family. The family couldn't imagine life without her.



Whitney's been labeled the bossy sister by her siblings, who affectionately remember the many times Whitney told them what to do. They also recall her being deathly afraid of the dark, and making everyone else get the cows while she stayed inside because of that fear (and because she was dad's favorite).


When her parents couldn't find her after church, they could be sure she was somewhere playing with someone's babies. She's always loved them. Whitney played basketball and tennis in high school, has a shoe fetish, is terrified of animals (won't even swim in water if she sees a fish) and works as a nurse at Intermountain Park City Medical Center and helps in the farm shop when she can. She's married to Dal and is mom to two little boys.



Grant's right hand man  //  Husband of former Utah Dairy Princess


Russ is a wealth of knowledge about all things cheese, cows, and hay. In fact, in first grade he explained to his class that his favorite flower was the alfalfa flower.


After growing up on the dairy, Russ decided he never wanted to come back and work on the farm. He graduated in Engineering from Utah State and worked for Van Boerum & Frank for four years until deciding to come home and raise his kids the way he was raised - working alongside their dad.


Yep, Russ married his high school sweetheart, Heather, who was once the Dairy Princess of Utah.  Russell played linebacker as a Wasatch Wasp, served a mission in Russia and is now dad to one girl and two boys.

When Grant is ready to retire the dairy farm will be his to run.



Third Sister  //  Volleyball player  //  Former elementary school teacher


Amber didn't talk until she was three, but that's because she didn't have to - she had two older sisters to speak for her. Even her friends would speak for her. Her least favorite farm chore was feeding the calves, and her favorite was hauling hay on the tractor.


Amber played volleyball in high school, and still has a mean volleyball swing. She and Chad, her husband, met at College of Eastern Utah where she played volleyball and he played baseball. She has a lot of patience, which is why she chose elementary education as a major. She taught kindergarten at Midway Elementary before becoming a mom, and now is mom to three.


She loves Lake Powell and Disneyland and being a mom. She fills the orders around the shop and also helps with jam and fudge making. 




Valedictorian  //  Perfectionist  //  Personal Trainer (the Jillian Michaels of the family)


They refer to Heather as the only brother Russel ever had, because Heather can definitely take care of herself among the boys. She and Russel always put dibs on taking the early morning Christmas day milking, which they claim was the smart decision. They could finish early, come home in time to see their presents before the other sisters and then get to skip out the afternoon milking to play with their toys. Heather was also the only one to be electrocuted in the barn. Luckily she was okay, but it made for quite the scene.

A Utah State graduate, Heather has a degree in Business Administration and a personal training certificate. She helps with overall business strategy.  She loves learning and would go to school forever if she could. Heather speaks French, is married to Spencer and is a mom to one.



Alyssa is the accident prone child, and the family often says if it's going to will happen to her. She was once even taken out by a bull. 

She always knew how to play her parents to get out of work, and would hide under the bed every morning so she wouldn't have to milk - and it would work. Alyssa's a peacemaker and loves school. If she gets anything below a 95 percent she views it as a failure.

She was a missionary in Estonia where she learned Estonian and is now in the Masters program at Utah State studying Accounting.  She helps her mom with the books.



Heather is married to Russel, her high school sweetheart.  Heather was once the Dairy Pricess of Utah.  She grew up taking care of animals and doing farm chores, only with horses and not cows, although she knows enough now to run her own dairy.  She is a mother of one girl and two boys.

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